Our Mission: Provoking leaders to think truthfully and live consciously.

The Global Leadership model seeks to create learning environments which maximize discussion.

Our mission statement indicates we are about “provoking leaders to think truthfully and live consciously”. Our motivation is to equip business and community leaders to integrate their professional skills with moral and ethical practices. They are the same practices upon which our Founding Fathers established the Republic of the United States of America. It is a cultural-historical Judeo-Christian view of life and work (worldview), not a religious statement. ‘Truth’ resonates with the hearer because we are wired for it; we are created in the image of the Creator. Truthful living is a choice to live as consistently as one can according the ‘shape’ of reality. ‘Shape’ describes how things are made to work. There are many such ‘shapes’ and they are universal principles. For example, ‘treating people the way you want to be treated’. It works, because that’s how things are made to work. That’s why it resonates with the listener. Global Leadership teaches eight such practices as embedded assumptions in all we do and teach.

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