Brad Yarbrough

Global Leadership Board of Directors - Brad Yarbrough

Brad Yarbrough has a distinguished business background having founded several successful businesses, taking one of them public at the age of 27 and serving as its Chairman and CEO.  Mr. Yarbrough, through The Pilgrim Group, Inc., serves as a leadership and customer service consultant to business owners and Fortune 100 companies and has assisted in Six Sigma training.  Through Global Leadership, where he serves as a board member, he has presented leadership workshops in the Ukraine for many years.  He owns Pilgrim Land Services, a company that serves energy clients by providing petroleum landmen and right of way agents throughout the United States.

Pilgrim Property Holdings LLC, a real estate management and development company, specializes in selected residential and commercial properties.  A community leader, he directed relief efforts following the May 1999 tornadoes in Oklahoma for Heart to Heart International and formed a coalition to rebuild a community center in Mulhall, Oklahoma in the months following the disaster. Presently he serves as the co-Chair of the Leadership Foundation of Oklahoma.  In 2000 he was selected by the Keating administration to establish the Oklahoma Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.  He is recognized nationally for his leadership during both the Clinton and the Bush administration for his efforts to promote collaborations between the government and faith sectors to help the poor and needy.

In 2011, he was selected by Governor Fallin to serve as Chairman of the Commission that provided oversight to the OK Department of Human Services, a $2.2 billion agency with 7,000 employees.  Under his leadership it made historic reforms in the delivery of child welfare services. The term expired in November 2012.